Artist Anna Filimonova

Anna Filimonova was born on April 12th 1985 in Russia.

Born and raised in a creative family: her grandfather, grandmother and parents are the artists. Anna continues the family tradition of choosing a profession. Anna started painting when she was 3 years old.

1997 – 2000 – Studies in the Lyceum of Arts at the Department of modeling

2001 – 2004 – Ryazan Art Wagner College at the Department of modeling

2004 – 2006 – Ryazan Institute of Moscow State University of Culture and Arts at the Department of “design environment”.

In 2006 Anna participated in the exhibition of youth in Ryazan.

Participated the regional seasonal exhibitions of the Union of Artists of Russia:

“Spring 2005″, “Fall 2005″,

“Spring 2006″, “Fall 2006″,

“Spring 2007″, “Fall 2007″,

“Spring 2008″, “Fall 2008″,

“Spring 2009″, “Fall 2009″,

2008 – personal exhibition “The Philosophy of Color”, Russia, Ryazan

2009 – personal exhibition “Through the Looking Glass”, Russia, Ryazan

December 29, 2009 Moscow’s Central House of Artists held the ceremony “Talent and Vocation” World Alliance “Peacemaker”. Anna was awarded a silver medal “Talent and Vocation” for the promotion of peace and outstanding contribution to the development of art, creating a new style.

29.12 2009 – 12.01.2010 – The Exhibition “World Creators”, representing the winners of this prize, held in the hall of Central House of Artists in Moscow.

There were three paintings represented at this exhibition – “Sign”, “Ruby twinkling” and “Beating”. Painting “Ruby twinkling” was selected by the Fund “Museum of the World”, which planning exhibitions of their collections of leading museums all over the world. The awarding is an annual, and combines an idea of not only men of fine art, but also music, cinematography and politics. Among the winners awarded by this award earlier are Mikhail Gorbachev, Iosif Kobzon, Yury Antonov, Dima Bilan and famous foreign actors – Adrian Paul, Richard Tyson and Stephen Baldwin.

April 2010 – awarding the title of laureate at the Russian Art Week, in the category “Graphics” took second place.

This is the international competition, which took place at the venue of the historic grounds of Moscow, the Moscow House of Artists.

The project involved more than 2000 artists, graphic artists, designers from more than

30 countries  including Finland, Italy, Japan, Czech Republic, Poland, Great Britain, Holland, Israel, USA, Canada, South Korea, Japan.

The total number of participating countries – 34, the number of cities – more than 200.

There was the issue of the International Catalogue of “New Faces in Art” at the end of the exhibition. The catalogue was printed in two languages: English and Russian.

The distribution of the catalogue: over 1000 copies distributed to galleries, exhibitions and dealer organizations in Europe and America.

As the winner of the Russian Art Week Anna had the right to present her work at the international exhibition of the Week for the Arts in Copenhagen.

Some of Anna Filimonova’s paintings are in private collections in Russia, USA, Great Britain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, China, Japan and Australia.

Exhibition in Florence 2015

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