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Anna Filimonova – artist with unusual perception of the world
http://europeanfashionnews.blogspot.ru/2013/12/anna-filimonova-artist-with-unusual.htmlFire № 2          90x80 2007 acrylic on canvas

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Anna Filimonova composes a Symphony

70x55 cm acrylic on canvas 2013

Anna Filimonova composes a Symphony
Zenoogle takes a closer look at her Art

Anna Filimonova is a contemporary artist who paints Abstract Art (according to the sources on the web including her Page www.art-filimonova.com ). But there is precious little else you can find out about her. Instead she lets her Art do most of the talking.

She is versatile with many mediums. But there is a common theme – Abstraction. Hang on, Zenoogle did you say abstract? But I could have sworn I saw the clear outline of a face in that picture. How about the stairs in this one. Does that not look like a cat to you?

That is the lyrical beauty of Anna’s Art. On the surface it is as Abstract as it can be. take some time to examine each painting carefully and you will start seeing forms within, often in brilliant colors. You could spend hours with each painting searching out (or maybe fantasizing about) scenes, people and objects within her paintings. I thought I could make out a subterranean hideaway in one. She certainly weaves a complex symphony with her Abstract Art.

I shall give you one personal tip. Do not look at any titles the Artist may have given to her paintings. Imagine what you can see in it yourself ! Enough said about the paintings, I shall let you see them for yourself – Enjoy !


Artists Page on FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Artist-Abstract-Anna-Filimonova/366432263464374?ref=ts&fref=ts

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“THE NEW YORK OPTIMIST” magazine April 2013



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Close to art, March 2013, author – Michael Picoron


ANNA FILIMONOVACat's eye 80x70 2005
Minéral, osons nous aventurer dans ce monde inconnu. Osons cette expérience. Anna Filimonova
nous y convie avec délice. Ce monde est de l’énergie à l’état brut, un condensé
de couleurs tout en nuances et en dégradés. Les toiles de cette artiste ouvrent de belles
perspectives à nos yeux de voyeurs d’art, chacun y trouvera son propre chemin, sa vérité,
un endroit où il fait bon s’arrêter et se ressourcer en toute confiance.
Elle transmet une certaine philosophie de la couleur. Ses compositions instinctives au premier
abord se dévoilent petit à petit à qui sait prendre un instant pour déconstruire l’oeuvre.
Il faut quitter ce monde et rejoindre le « commun » pour regarder de nouveau, plutôt que
d’être en phase. Regarder, c’est comprendre une certaine complexité, c’est le moment du
décryptage. Les toiles d’Anna Filimonova sont des micro-univers construits dans lesquels le hasard n’a finalement que très peu sa place. Les éléments s’unissent dans un faux « big-bang », ils sont déposés là où ils doivent être, là où ils doivent vivre. Car, il semble bien que ce minéral, que cette vision souterraine soit en réalité du domaine du vivant. Nous sommes des spectateurs d’actions menées depuis l’intérieur même des toiles, nous naviguons d’avantage avec,
qu’à travers les éléments premiers que nous regardons. Alors voyageurs solitaires ou colocataires
de ces mondes inconnus, le choix nous est permis.Fire № 1          95x95 2005

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The art exhibition of a promising young artist Anna Filimonova that took place in the exhibition hall «ART&SHOCK» (Ryazan department of Moscow State University of Culture and Art) in February-March, 2008 was a great success. Her creative work stands out against a background of many featureless works of her contemporaries who unfortunately take the form itself as the only purpose of their art and often use banal phrases about «a rare creative idea» as a shield against critics. Anna Filimonova creates her own unique world that is full of colour energy and images. Her bright vivid pictures make impression of an enchanting sight, a wonderful fairytale in which every spectator can find his favourite story. We can see a transparent «Lagoon» full of air and coolness and a «Spring wind» that takes us away, and «Fire» that blazes up and captivates us by its force and energy. Someone can see a piano and a loving couple in the picture «France». The picture «Cat-like eye» with its intricate interweaving of lines and color spots seems to reflect the whole universe.

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