Anna Filimonova composes a Symphony

November 2, 2013 12:53 am

70x55 cm acrylic on canvas 2013

Anna Filimonova composes a Symphony
Zenoogle takes a closer look at her Art

Anna Filimonova is a contemporary artist who paints Abstract Art (according to the sources on the web including her Page ). But there is precious little else you can find out about her. Instead she lets her Art do most of the talking.

She is versatile with many mediums. But there is a common theme – Abstraction. Hang on, Zenoogle did you say abstract? But I could have sworn I saw the clear outline of a face in that picture. How about the stairs in this one. Does that not look like a cat to you?

That is the lyrical beauty of Anna’s Art. On the surface it is as Abstract as it can be. take some time to examine each painting carefully and you will start seeing forms within, often in brilliant colors. You could spend hours with each painting searching out (or maybe fantasizing about) scenes, people and objects within her paintings. I thought I could make out a subterranean hideaway in one. She certainly weaves a complex symphony with her Abstract Art.

I shall give you one personal tip. Do not look at any titles the Artist may have given to her paintings. Imagine what you can see in it yourself ! Enough said about the paintings, I shall let you see them for yourself – Enjoy !

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