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The New York Optimist
The art exhibition of a promising young artist Anna Filimonova that took place in the exhibition hall
«ART&SHOCK» (Ryazan department of Moscow State University of Culture and Art) in February-March,
2008 was a great success. Her creative work stands out against a background of many featureless works
of her contemporaries who unfortunately take the form itself as the only purpose of their art and often use
banal phrases about «a rare creative idea» as a shield against critics. Anna Filimonova creates her own
unique world that is full of colour energy and images. Her bright vivid pictures make impression of an
enchanting sight, a wonderful fairytale in which every spectator can find his favourite story. We can see a
transparent «Lagoon» full of air and coolness and a «Spring wind» that takes us away, and «Fire» that
blazes up and captivates us by its force and energy. Someone can see a piano and a loving couple in the
picture «France». The picture «Cat-like eye» with its intricate interweaving of lines and color spots seems to
reflect the whole universe.

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